An introduction to Invasion TCG

An introduction to Invasion TCG Starter Decks


The increasing popularity of trading card games in this modern era has triggered a demand for innovative games across the world. Whilst many children have grown up with the wonders of computer consoles, many are starting to see the advantages that trading card games hold over electronic entertainment.

The benefits

Trading card games not only take children’s eyes away from the screen, but also help them to gain social skills, mental stimulation, and promote brain health during these games. Aiding memory, sequencing skills, and concentration, the most important thing is that trading card games are still a whole lot of fun – even for older adults!

What is invasion TCG?

This trading card game centres around the world of fantasy but doesn’t include vanilla creatures, rotation, mana screw, or mana flood. Within the game, the creators have set the scene of the peace of Arazineth being threatened by Hurtheri’s dragon legion. As Hellbent leads the way in reclaiming the city, players have the choice of defending the city or siding with the fury to destroy it. This is a fast-paced, thrilling game, ideal for anyone with an adventurous imagination.

The Starter Decks

The best place to start with any trading card game is the Starter Decks. So, what Starter Decks are available? Read on for more information!

The Burning Rage Starter Deck

The Burning Rage Starter Deck is ideal for any player wanting to use powerful creatures to attack and boost them with cleverly constructed spells! In this Deck, Hutheri leads her dragon army into battle, allowing you to overthrow opponents with almighty wrath. Invasion TCG’s game designers have aimed to create a fast-paced and intense theme in this Starter Deck, stuffing it with mechanics perfect for new players. The Booster Burning Rage Pack offers you an extra 4 random cards at a shockingly small price!

The Defend the City Starter Deck

If being the hero is more of your thing, then wear your enemy’s creatures down and reduce their life points one step at a time with the Defend the City Starter Deck. In this deck, the Prince of Men, Grathen, leads the defence of the city with a battle-ready army, embracing a control-based and defensive theme. The Booster Pack includes 4 random cards to play with, being accessible to those with even the lowest budgets.

Both Invasion TCG Starter Decks include a free cardboard deck box which is used to store your cards.


If you are intrigued by the fantasy world and battle possibilities that Invasion TCG has to offer, then jumping into this thrilling trading card game experience might just be for you. With so many options available, it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start. So, at first, introducing yourself to the Starter Decks can be a great way to ease yourself into the logistics of this game, with the game designers constructing these decks with beginner players in mind. Hopefully, this has given you more of an idea about how you can approach this intriguing game and how you can start enjoying thrilling fantasy worlds today

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