Information for Parents

Playing Invasion TCG


Adults and children from all over the world have been discovering Invasion TCG and the fun that comes with playing the game. This page is intended to be a quick start guide for parents of children who want to learn how to play, or who are already playing.

Invasion TCG encourages players to think strategically and manage their resources, and is a great way for players to practice literacy and maths skills. 

What's Invasion TCG?

A tranquil peace has reigned over the plains of Arazineth for generations, but in the darkness, unseen by all, a fire burns. For in the darkness stirs Hurtheri’s once vanquished legion of dragons. Hellbent on claiming what is rightfully hers, she will lead them to reclaim it, whatever the cost. Will you defend the city, or will you side with the fury set to destroy it?

In Invasion TCG, players build decks of cards containing powerful creatures and spells, then go into battle against another player. If you'd like to watch an example game, or read through the full game rules, this website has all the resources that you'll need!

What's a Trading Card Game?

Trading card games - sometimes also known as collectable card games - are strategy games that sees players use decks of specially designed cards. In Invasion TCG, the cards are decorated with beautiful fantasy art. 

Games are usually played between two and four players. Players can start out by using pre-constructed Starter Decks or build their own unique deck from scratch. 

New cards are released on a semi-regular basis, which helps to keep trading card games fresh and exciting, as well as giving the chance for new strategies and decks to emerge.   

What's Organised Play?

To help encourage people to play games with each other, Invasion TCG has an Organised Play Program.

Organised Play is broken down into casual play sessions and competitive level events, which means whether you're new to the game or want to enter high-level tournaments, there's something on offer for you! If you're looking for a place to play, take a look through the list of upcoming events

The Organised Play program aims to make sure there's a safe and enjoyable space for children and adults alike to play Invasion TCG. The program is supported by the Event Judge Program.