Event Judge Program

Invasion TCG Event Judges volunteer their time to help make sure official events are run smoothly, players enjoy the experience, and local game stores get the support and resources they need. 

If you're passionate and knowledgeable about the game, then why not sign up to become an Event Judge? After passing your qualification, you'll be eligible to judge and run events, as well as earning exclusive awards. 

Event Judges are an important part of the Invasion TCG community, and as a reward for the time you give to the game, you can earn exclusive promo cards, play mats, and much more! 

Become an Invasion TCG Event Judge

If you'd like to become an Event Judge, you need to complete the Invasion TCG Event Judge Program. The program is open to anyone who would like to get involved to join and is completely free of charge. 

The Event Judge Program will see you helping your local game store to build and manage a community of players while you work your way through the different levels of Event Judge Exams (there are three levels). 

To secure your place on the Event Judge Program, visit the contact page and send us a message.