Invasion TCG

The city of Arazineth is set to fall. Hutheri's legion of dragons are at the walls and while a scheming Grathen takes the throne, his army of men ready the city's defences. Make your stand and join the battle!

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What Makes Invasion TCG Different?

No Rotation

Unlike other fantasy trading card games, there’s no rotation of cards. That means when new sets of cards come out, old sets will still be legal for tournament play.

No Screw or Flood

There’s no energy or land system in Invasion TCG. That means you’ll never be resource flooded or screwed and you can play powerful cards from turn one.

Playable Cards

Whether you buy a pre-constructed starter deck or single cards, you’ll notice every card in the game is playable. There are no vanilla or unplayable cards.

Player Review

"This game is amazing! Players are loving the artwork and that the cards don't have numbers on them. Simple rules and easy to learn, but oh so much fun!" - Dawn Krakowski (Amber Flight Gaming)

Player Review

"Invasion TCG is unlike anything I've played. Very enjoyable at ALL skill levels of card game knowledge or experience and very well crafted from inception to initial run." - Antony Jefferson (Trading Card Game Player)

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Player Review

"Invasion TCG is an instantly addictive game with amazing artwork. Easy to learn, fun to play, with luck elements like no other game." - Richard Smith (Local Game Store Manager)

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