Card Interactions

Players and Event Judges sometimes have questions about how different cards in Invasion TCG interact with each other. Ensuring interactions are played consistently across all playgroups is important for the integrity of tournament results.

To make sure Invasion TCG is being played consistently, a list of Card Interactions will be kept up to date on this page. Announcements about new or changed interactions will be made across social media profiles and the blog.

Protect The Throne & Sun Dragon


Protect The Throne's card effect does not stop  Sun Dragon's card effect from triggering. Sun Dragon's card effect triggers the drawing of a card even when Protect The Throne's card effect is in play.

The card effect of  Protect The Throne does not prevent the attacking player from rolling dice in their attack step, but it does the prevent the damage caused as a result of the rolls.

Sun Dragon's card effect is triggered by the rolling of five or more dice. Its effect only considers the amount of dice rolled and not the result of those rolls. Therefore, it’s not relevant that damage is prevented by Protect The Throne.

Forgotten Land & Fiery Path


Playing Forgotten Land in response to a declared reroll of a dice by using Fiery Path's card ability stops the reroll from being able to happen. It also removes Fiery Path from play.

The game's rules state (Rule 4.6 – Attacking and Rerolling Effects) that a player must declare the number of reroll effects they have in play before they enter their attack step. However, they do not trigger Fiery Path's card effect until they declare they are actually going to reroll a dice.

Players are able to respond to cards played and card effects. Thus, a  Forgotten Land being played in response to the declaration of a reroll means the reroll does not happen.

Ancient Halls & Kalmuri, The White


Ancient Halls' card effect cannot be used to cancel the card effect of Kalmuri, The White.

While early printings of  Ancient Halls states its card effect cancels the 'ability' of a creature in play, and  Kalmuri, The White states that its 'effect' cannot be stopped, the two terms should be seen as interchangeable in this instance.

The terminology which the early printings of Ancient Halls use – 'ability' – was later changed to 'effect' to ensure consistency across the game. Later print editions of Ancient Halls use the wording: 'Choose any creature in play and cancel its effect for the next turn'.