Card Rulings

Players and Event Judges sometimes have questions about how certain cards in Invasion TCG should be played. Ensuring cards are played consistently across all playgroups is important for the integrity of tournament results.

To make sure Invasion TCG is being played consistently, a list of card rulings will be kept up to date on this page. Announcements about new or changed rulings will be made across social media profiles and the blog.

Hutheri's Rage

Playing multiple copies of Hutheri's Rage onto the stack, or putting the card effect into play, is allowed. Playing multiple copies means the card effect stacks, causing dice to be doubled multiple times in line with how many copies are played.

For example, if a player has three creatures on the field which are attacking, the player would roll three dice. Playing one copy of Hutheri's Rage would double the dice to six, and a second copy would double the dice again to twelve.

Ethella, The Brave 

When Ethella, The Brave is summoned, the player who played the card is able to draw a card from their deck, assuming that their opposing player doesn't take an action to stop the successful summoning of Ethella, The Brave

On the next turn of the player who summoned Ethella, The Brave, they are able to discard Ethella, The Brave from play and then draw another card from their deck. The player can trigger this card effect at any time during the turn.  

Feldarah, The Redeemer

Feldarah, The Redeemer's card effect allows a player who is the target of another player's attack step to discard a card from their hand to reduce the damage done by their opponent by one. 

The player activating Feldarah, The Redeemer's card effect may only discard a card from their hand to activate the effect after their opponent has rolled all dice required in their attack step. 

Sun Dragon

Sun Dragon's card effect allows a player who rolls five or more dice during their attack step to draw a card from their deck at the end of their turn. The drawing of the card is mandatory if the condition to trigger the card effect has been met. 

Once a player draws a card from their deck by using Sun Dragon's card effect, their turn ends and they are unable to play any additional cards or trigger any other card effects until after their opponent has drawn their card from their deck to begin their turn. 

Heat Blast 

Heat Blast's card effect states that after it is played, when a player goes into their next attack step, they can roll an additional dice when attacking.

Because Heat Blast states the dice is an additional one, a player must be able to roll at least one dice discounting Heat Blast to be able to play Heat Blast and use its card effect.