World Rankings

Each week, Invasion TCG events take place all over the world which see players not only having lots of fun, but earning special promotional cards and World Championship qualifying points too!

Qualifying for the World Championship is a major honour, and points earned in each Organised Play season - which runs from September 1st until August 1st each year - inches players closer to achieving it. 

The top 12 ranked players in the world by qualifying points are automatically invited to each year's World Championships, while 'wild card' entries are also on offer, though criteria for those change each year.

Current World Rankings

1st - Phoebe Belfield - 125 ranking points  

2nd - Karys Belfield - 80 ranking points  

=3rd - Ashley Burns - 30 ranking points 

=3rd - Luke Colbourne 30 ranking points 

=5th - David Burgess - 25 ranking points 

=5th - William Harris - 25 ranking points

7th - Antony Jefferson - 20 ranking points

=8th - Amy Parker - 15 ranking points

=8th - Paul Johnson - 15 ranking points 

10th - Elly Cocks - 10 ranking points 

=12th - Savion Campbell - 5 ranking points

=12th - Eliza Belfield - 5 ranking points

* World Rankings correct as of 07th May 2020