Coalition: A New Way to Play Invasion TCG

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Whether you love an element of teamwork in your games, want a different way to enjoy Invasion TCG, or you'd just like to try something new, then the Coalition format might just be the way to scratch the itch! 

In today's blog post, Dave talks us through how Coalition works and how it's going to be supported by the team who design Invasion TCG.  

How the Coalition Format Works 

The Coalition format is all about teamwork! You'll team up with a partner and take on another two-player team, sending in an army of creatures to take down your opponent's life total before they can take down yours.

Because Coalition has its own nuances that make it a different experience to the main format, Coalition uses the main Invasion TCG Game Rules, with a couple of additions and minor changes. 

  • Life Total: Each player has a separate life total, with everyone starting at 30 life points. A team wins the match when both opposing players have 0 life points remaining. If a player's teammate has 0 life points but they still have more than 0 life points, they continue the game alone against their opponents, but they are able to draw three cards per turn rather than two. 

  • Field of Play: Each player has their own field of play and they can't play creatures onto their teammates - or anyone else's - field of play, or put their cards into or take cards from any other player's graveyard. 
  • Cards in Hand: Players playing on the same team are able to show each other what cards they have in their hand and talk through gameplay decisions so they can form a strategy turn by turn of the game. 

  • Card Wording: Cards that can target any card in play can be targeted at your teammates' cards. Cards that specifically say 'opponent' can only be used to target a specific opponent, not both unless it states opponents. For example, playing Protect The Throne would stop the damage done by one opponent going into their attack step, and not both players on the opposing team. 

  • Attacking: Teammates must enter their attack step at the same time. Each attacking player should split each of their creatures' attacks between the opposing team's players, though they choose to can target all of their creature's attacks at a single opponent if they want to.

Support for the New Format 

The Coalition format was designed by Phoebe Belfield - who is given Game Design Credit - but it will be officially supported by Invasion TCG.

A game of Coalition has its own nuances that make it a different experience to the main format of Invasion TCG, and to compensate, specially designed cards will be released as a mini-set each year.

New cards produced specifically for the format won't be legal for play in games of the main Invasion TCG format - while cards legal for play in the main format will automatically be legal for play in Coalition. 

For more news and views related to the Coalition format, keep an eye on the Invasion TCG blog.

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