How to Build a Deck for Invasion TCG

Playing Invasion TCG

Whether you want to build up an army of creatures and swing in with big attacks or you'd rather control the board and dominate the game, this guide will walk you through how to build your first Invasion TCG deck.

With 30 cards allowed in each deck, you've got plenty of room to craft a deck full of ways to win and prevent your opponent from winning too! In today's blog post, Dave shares his top deckbuilding tips. 

Deckbuilding Rules 

When it comes to deckbuilding, there aren't too many rules that you need to know. All you need to do is make sure you've got 30 cards in your deck and you haven't got more than three copies of each card. Because they're the only rules, there's lots of room for creativity! 

The only way to win a game of Invasion TCG is by reducing your opponent down to zero life points before they do the same to you. That means you'll want to make sure you have enough creatures in your deck to swing in for attacks to help you win the game. 

However, going too creature heavy might not be the right way to go! You'll want to make sure you have enough spell cards in your deck so that you're able to impact the game during your opponent's turn. 

If you're new to the game, you might want to try playing with an Invasion TCG Starter Deck before you start building decks of your own - and having a read through our new player FAQ. If you're an experienced player though, building your own, customized deck is a great step on your gaming journey. 

Aggro Deckbuilding Tips

Bearing in mind the way to win the game is reducing your opponent's life points, aggressive decks that look to do lots of damage turn after turn are a popular choice. This style of deck is often known as an 'aggro deck', and in Invasion TCG, they usually revolve around Hutheri, The Fire and Hutheri's Rage

Aggro decks are usually creature heavy - meaning they play more creatures than they do of other types of card - but it's not just about jamming in as many creatures into your deck as you can. Each creature has to justify its place!

Cards like Sun Dragon will mean you can keep drawing cards while you swing in for big attacks, and cards like Kalmuri, The White give you second chances when dice rolls don't quite go your way. 

Meanwhile, Cinder Dragon is an all-star when it comes to being able to swing in early and help increase the damage you're doing to your opponent. 

Spell cards play an important role in aggro decks too. Fatal Blow, Countermand, and Call To Arms are staples in most decks, but cards like Burn To Ashes and Avenge The Fallen can help make sure you've always got creatures to summon into play. 

Control Deckbuilding Tips

If you're building a control-focused deck, you'll want to make sure you have plenty of options when it comes to keeping a lid on your opponent's board state while you slowly build up your own army of creatures. 

Control decks often revolve around Grathen, Prince Of Men and Feldarah, The Redeemer - both of which limit the number of creatures your opponent will have on the field or the damage they can do to your life points!

To pull of a control strategy, you'll need to make sure your deck has plenty of answers to all the different things your opponent might do during the game. That means three copies of Countermand and three of Fatal Blow are pretty typical in control decklists. 

If you're looking to make sure you have answers, creatures like Ethella, The Brave and Ajuna, The Seeker are great options. Ethella, The Brave will help you draw more cards per turn than you normally would, while Ajuna, The Seeker lets you grab a card from your graveyard and put it back into your hand. They're both powerful cards in control-focused decks!

If you're playing a control deck and you're facing up against an aggro deck, it's probable that at some point, your opponent will be looking to swing in for the knock-out blow. But that's when you're able to play control's trump card - Protect The Throne. The spell means you prevent all damage done by your opponent during their next attack step, and that means you might be able to buy yourself just enough time to steal the game!

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