Tips for Teaching Invasion TCG to New Players


With a whole series of Intro Events planned, people will be getting together to play Invasion TCG at kitchen tables and local game stores all over the country. One of the best things about playing the game is being able to play it with friends!

In this week's blog post, Dave talks us through his top tips for teaching your friends how to play the game and how to help them have a great experience! 

Choosing Decks to Learn With

When you're teaching someone to play Invasion TCG, Starter Decks are a great place to start, but if they're a seasoned veteran of other trading card games, then a customised deck could be a good place too. 

Even though Starter Decks are designed to be playable at a semi-competitive level, they're also quite focused on showing off the game's different mechanics - especially when two go head to head. 

Whatever decks you choose though, try and start by taking a look through the decks together. This helps new players get a feel for the different types of cards in the game, and gives them a rough idea of what they do. 

If they've played other games before, they might be able to 'translate' some of the card effects into similar ones in other games and this can help give them a bit of a headstart when it comes to Invasion TCG.  

Going Through the Rules

While Invasion TCG's rules are pretty straight forward, a new player might find trying to take it all in a bit much. The best way to learn the rules of the game is to actually play, turn by turn, with new things introduced every turn or so, or when something 'comes up'.  

Taking things step by step helps new players learn at their own pace and makes sure the focus is on having fun and trying things out rather than trying to learn all the game's rules at once. 

After playing a game or two, new players should feel like they've got a solid grasp of a couple of key themes and if they do, they'll be ready to start exploring the game in more depth: 

  • The types of cards you can play on each turn 
  • How playing spell cards work and what the 'stack' means 
  • Understanding how the card effects of creatures work 
  • How attacking your opponent works and how to win the game

Taking the Next Steps 

When you're teaching someone how to play Invasion TCG, keeping the first few games simple and focused on fun is usually the best way to go. A new player probably isn't going to fully grasp the different strategies straight away... and that's ok!

Once someone has got used to playing, they'll be ready to dive into more advanced strategies and deck building, which leads on to taking part in events, but there's no rush to get there. 

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