What Makes Invasion TCG Different?

Invasion TCG Cards in a Player's Hand

There’s a lot that makes Invasion TCG different from other games! If you’ve already played Invasion TGC, you’ll know that the little differences add up to a fun, fast-paced, and balanced game.

If you haven't played yet, why not watch this gameplay video?

In today’s blog post, Dave takes a closer look at some of the key ways Invasion TCG is different from other games and why the differences matter. 

No Rotation to Cycle Out Cards

In the main format of most trading card games, a system of rotation is used to try and keep tournament play fresh. In short, when new sets of cards get printed and released, older cards are no longer legal for play in events. 

This means players are forced to keep buying new cards so they can keep playing in events. When games release three, four, or even more sets every year, it's no surprise that some players find it all gets too expensive to keep up with. 

To help make sure Invasion TCG is a game that's accessible to all, we're going to release two small sets of cards each year, and there won't be a rotation. Old cards won't rotate out when news ones are release.

Ban List Promise

A non-rotating game poses some design challenges when it comes to balancing the power level of new cards against older ones, but it's a challenge we're going to embrace. 

If we make a design mistake and need to ban a card from competitive play - which we'll only do in extreme circumstances - we have to make sure we make that up to the players and collectors who are a part of our community.

Anyone who owns a card that ever becomes banned will be able to return it to us and swap it for any other card in the game's history. That's a promise I'm happy to make in writing. 

We have a specialist playtesting team working behind the scenes who help us keep the game balanced and fair and so we hope we'll never need to ban a card from being played. 

No Resource Screw or Flooding

Unlike lots of other trading card games, Invasion TCG has no system of energy or mana that needs to be used to play cards. You're allowed to play any two cards on your turn and any two Spell cards on your opponent's turn.

This system means that you're able to play powerful Creature, Spell, and Battlefield cards right from the very start of the game. You don't need to wait around until you've built up enough energy or mana!

As a player for longer than I want to remember, I've won and lost my fair share of games when someone hasn't been able to actually play the game because they haven't got the right energy or mana, or they're only getting energy or mana and no cards to cast with it. 

For me, that's not an enjoyable gameplay experience, so I wanted to try something different with Invasion TCG. It's also different from a deck building perspective because you don't have to worry about trying to fit in enough energy or mana generators.

Mechanics to Aid Consistency

Invasion TCG has a couple of different mechanics and rules that'll help make sure you get to execute your deck's strategy each time you play. There's no better feeling as a player than being able to actually do what you set out to do!

Invasion TCG decks consist of only 30 cards, and you're allowed three copies of each card in your deck. Your opening hand is five cards, and you'll draw another two cards on each of your turns. To help you craft the perfect hand of cards and execute your strategy, once on each of your turns, you're able to send a card from your hand to the graveyard and draw a card from your deck. 

There's also no 'deck out mechanic' in the game. Once you've drawn all your cards and you need to draw more, you'll flip over your graveyard and shuffle it, turning your graveyard back into your deck. In Invasion TCG, it's known as a deck recycle. 

Like I said before, I think there's no better gameplay experience than players actually being able to do what they planned to do when they were building their deck. Put simply, when I was designing Invasion TCG, I wanted to make sure players would actually enjoy playing the game!

Financially Accessible Gaming

The last thing I want to talk about that makes Invasion TCG different from other games is how accessible the game is from a financial viewpoint. 

I've seen way too many players leave other trading card games due to not being able to afford to play. When it happens, it's not good for the player, the community they played in, or frankly, game stores and the game itself.

Making sure Invasion TCG is an affordable game to play is a central part of what we're all about. I believe you can offer deep layers of strategy and a fun game at a cost that doesn't hurt players. 

Invasion TCG Starter Decks are priced at £9.99 and they're built to be reasonably competitive while still helping players understand the game and its mechanics and rules.

We've also effectively capped the price of single cards at somewhere between 50p and £1 by making them available directly to players on our website. That means it's not an expensive thing to modify Starter Decks or build something from scratch! 

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