New Artwork and Card Layout Revealed

Karys Playing Invasion TCG

The Invasion TCG design team has had a busy couple of months... and today we can reveal all-new artwork, changes to the card layout, and a redesign of the card back!

The changes have been inspired by feedback from the game's growing community of players, and in this blog post, Dave walks us through what has changed and how it impacts the game.

All-New Artwork

To celebrate the full launch of Invasion TCG, we wanted to re-commission some of the game's artwork. We loved the artwork on the test versions of the cards, but we wanted to take them in a bit of a different direction.

Over the last couple of months, we've been working with an amazing fantasy artist - Roy Ugang - to produce brand new artwork for eight cards in the Battle for Arazineth set.

Grathen, Prince of Men, Ethella, The Brave, Sun Dragon, Kalmuri, The White, Ajuna, The Seeker, Fatal Blow, Scout The Way, and Forgotten Land have all been re-imagined by Roy, and we're really pleased with the results!


The older versions of the cards will still be legal for play, but they won't be available for sale on the Invasion TCG website or at events from today. Because they were produced in small numbers, the original cards might one day become a collector's piece!

The prizes on offer at official events will also be getting a bit of an update. Roy produced a number of sketch versions while he was working on the new artwork, and we will be making special edition sketch cards available from the end of August 2019. Keep an eye out for the full announcement for more details! 

Card Layout and Back Redesign

When we ran Invasion TCG demo sessions, players trying out the game often said they wanted there to be an easier way to distinguish between creatures, spells, and battlefields, and for the size of the artist credit to be a bit bigger.

From today on, the colour of the gem at the top of the text area on cards will change depending on what type of card it's on. Blue gems will appear on creature cards, red on spells, and green on battlefields. The text that states the card type will be kept. 

Meanwhile, a fully branded back for all Invasion TCG cards has been designed by Evgeniy Pugachov which features the official game logo.

Invasion TCG Card Back

The introduction of a new card back has meant a change to the Tournament Rules for official events. All players now need to use opaque trading card game sleeves on their cards when they take part in official events.

Cards that have the original card back will still be legal for play, but they won't be available for sale on the Invasion TCG website or at events from today.

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