Spell Spotlight: Battle for Arazineth

Invasion TCG Being Played

As Hutheri’s legion of dragons threaten the city walls and Grathen’s men struggle to steady the defences, powerful spells may yet turn the tide of battle.

Battle for Arazineth - the first Invasion TCG set - has 10 unique spells players can use in their decks.

In today’s blog post, Dave talks through his top four spells from the set. From all the options to choose from, what are the best spells to put in your deck? 

Fatal Blow

Whether you're playing a fast, aggressive deck or something a little more control focused, Fatal Blow is likely to be an automatic inclusion in your deck. It's one of the most powerful and most played spells in the game, and it's not hard to understand why.

Fatal Blow is an unconditional creature kill spell and can take out a threat on your opponent's side of the game without any drawback. Control focused decks look to combine it with Burn to Ashes and Ajuna, The Seeker so a kill spell can be played at least once a turn, if not multiple on each turn!

An evolving strategy sees a player targeting their own creature with Fatal Blow to get it into the graveyard just before hitting a deck recycle. The strategy aims to help players use repeatable card effects to their advantage, such as Ethella, The Brave’s card draw effect.

Hutheri's Rage

Hutheri’s Rage is a key card in decks that want to get plenty of creatures into play and swing in for big attacks. Its natural home is aggressive decks, but control decks sometimes play a single copy as a way of finishing the game.

Playing Hutheri’s Rage costs three life points, but its card effect is among the most powerful as it doubles the amount of dice you roll in your next attack step. In a game that fundamentally comes down to who can attack for the most damage turn after turn, it's no wonder why Hutheri’s Rage is so popular.

If you're in a hurry to win a game, playing two copies of Hutheri’s Rage can 'double the double'. If you're attacking with five creatures, for example, that would normally be five dice rolled during your attack step, but the first Hutheri’s Rage would double that to 10, and the second would double it again to 20. Powerful stuff!

Call To Arms

Call To Arms allows you to search your deck for a creature and add it to your hand so, at first glance, it could almost be an auto-include in every deck you build. While a good card, it's not always as straightforward as that!

Call To Arms is played more often in control-focused decks than draw heavy or aggressive ones. Control decks tend to want to have the 'right' creature available at the right time to answer threats, and Call To Arms helps make that happen.

Draw focused decks centring around Sun Dragon and Ethella, The Brave and aggressive decks based around Hutheri, The Fire, both tend to naturally draw into the creatures they need and so Call To Arms is less often played.

Heat Blast

Heat Blast is possibly one of the most underrated cards in Invasion TCG, but it's a card that shouldn't be underestimated. Rolling an extra dice during your attack step can turn the tide of battle and the cost - discarding a card from your hand - is well worth the extra attacking power.

In decks that naturally draw a lot of cards, such as those with multiple copies of Ethella, The Brave, Heat Blast's cost becomes even more bearable.

Sun Dragon is another good card that has good combo potential based around drawing cards. Sun Dragon's card effect means you can draw a card from your deck if you roll five or more dice during your attack step. If you're not quite at the threshold, Heat Blast can get you there.

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