Set Release Schedule

New sets of cards in Invasion TCG are released on a schedule and are legal for play in official events immediately upon the date of their release. 

This page lays out the name of each set, it's release date, how many cards are in the set and their variants, as well as a link to the set guide (if it has been released). 

Main Set Releases

  • Battle For Arazineth 
    Released: 14th January 2019 
    Cards: 20 unique cards, plus foil variants

  • Secrets Revealed 
    Released: 14th January 2020 
    Cards: 20 unique cards, plus foil variants

Coalition Mini-Set Releases

Coalition format cards are designed especially for the format and are not legal for play in the main format of Invasion TCG, while all cards are legal for play in Coalition. To find out more about the Coalition format, check out the dedicated page.

  • Test of Allegiance 
    Released: Date to be Announced
    Cards: 5 unique cards, plus foil variants